Legend Ambassadors

Nathan Healey

Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Instagram: @nhealio
Hobby: I use hobbies as a way to keep me balanced. I work in the business consulting industry, so when I'm not working, I look to exploit more creative or active pursuits. More likely than not you'll find me obsessing over photography, yoga, cycling, & just about anything that pushes my mind or body to the limit.
Favorite hat: The Original (Maroon Leather Limited Edition) – it’s such a unique take on the classic Legend hat...and the color scheme is so versatile.
Words I live by: Dreams don't work unless you do.

Em Keen

Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Instagram: @em_keen
Hobby: My lifestyle is centered around wellness + community. Anything that combines both is a grand slam. I love hiking, traveling and connecting with people over coffee and a good workout. The next place I MUST travel to next is the Faroe Islands —  some of the purest, untouched land in the world.
Favorite hat: I’m obsessed with my Denim Cleveland hat. There isn’t an outfit it doesn’t go with and people always compliment it. Who doesn’t love some words of affirmation here and there am I right!?
Words I live by: Intention and human connection can change the world.

Ruby Martinez

Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Instagram: @therubymartinez & @rubymartinezbeautyco
Hobby: Hiking outdoors & photo shoots
Favorite Hat: Dad hat bar none
Words I live by: Creative the life you want to live, go for it!

Wade Muncey

Location: Cleveland, Ohio (Recent transplant from Seattle, WA)
Instagram: @wmuncey
Hobby: Anything and everything related to bluegrass music. I've been playing banjo for over a decade and my wife has recently picked up bass which is a lot of fun. We love camping, hiking and a good IPA.
Favorite hat: Recently I have been obsessed with the 216 Cord  hat. I love the material, it's simplicity and the color goes with everything.
Words I live by: Make the most of every opportunity.

Thomas Sawyer

Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Instagram: @tomcsawyer
Hobby: I'm an all or nothing person, so when I get an idea in my head, I dive in deep. I'm constantly making movies (ex. Legendary Legacy), taking photos, and running.
Favorite hat: Can't beat the classics. Black Land hat, for sure.
Words I live by: Nothing without fear is worth doing.

Claire Xu

Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Instagram: @eatswithclaire
Hobby: I love exploring Cleveland, especially the food scene, cheering on ALL Cleveland sports, and being active!
Favorite hat: Obsessed with the Denim Dawgs hat because the leather dawg patch is the cutest and I love all the little details on it.
Words I live by: It's the little things in life.