What’s our Legend? 

Cleveland, OH. 1984. A young couple running a newspaper and tobacco stand in the 

skyline icon Terminal Tower wanted to try and bring in a few extra dollars each month.
 They decided to buy just one, modest embroidery machine. That was just the beginning – and the core of what Legend is now.
From the bottom up, they created a baseball cap manufacturing company that today produces 10,000 plus caps per week.  But, a secret nearly all Clevelanders know, success is never easy and requires real grit and heart.

In the early years, they were only able to produce a couple caps each week. It was easy to appreciate and admire the art of making a cap when you only had to focus on a few products. Legend wants to get back to its roots.

Why not make a few extraordinary caps per week? Really focus on every detail of the cap – from the bottom up, as is our tradition. That flame of passion that was lit over 30 years ago that was beginning to fade started to roar again.

It is time now for this small baseball cap manufacturing company in Cleveland, Ohio to make caps for you – the heartbeat and hustle of Cleveland.

Be proud to rep your city, and be proud that it was made in your city. We are.

 Phone: 1(216) 534-1541

Address: 3111 Carnegie Ave. Cleveland, OH 44115

Email: Legendshop1@gmail.com

Mon-Fri 9am-4pm