We do! We cut, sew, and assemble our caps in our family-run factory in Cleveland, Ohio.

Yes, our factory has a storefront and is located at 3111 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.

Check out our Stockists to see what stores carry our product in addition to our showroom at 3111 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. We also appear at events throughout the year, so make sure you follow us on Instagram @legendheadwear and sign up for our emails to stay updated!

Yes, we can make the hat deeper and the strap longer to fit a larger head, as well as help you find a style that may suit you best. Some hat styles run naturally larger than others. Contact us and we can get your hat started.

Legend was born in February 2017, but has its roots in the family hat-manufacturing business that’s been around since 1984. We know a thing or two about making a good cap.

Yes, you can customize The Original with a custom zip code and city letters. Contact us and we can get to work. Please note that custom hats start at $40.

It depends. If you want to use a logo from our products online, we can process orders of 1+. If you want us to make corporate hats or use your own logo, our minimum run is typically 48.

Yes, and we start with orders of 12 and up. Please Contact us if you want to carry our products in your store.